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Random fun story

When I was younger (some nebulous age I can’t recall at present), I remember my big brother telling me all about dice bags. Mind you, even when I was too young to play or or understand D&D, I at least liked dice. They came in pretty colors, in neat styles, and it was cool to have a dice bag. And I remember, at some point, that he told me the story that many of the more high end or serious gamers would have a Crown Royale bag as their dice bag because the top shelf Crown Royale came in a purple velvet bag or something (as you can tell, my memory is awful). This story was just something I kept at the back of my mind, till today I watched an episode of The Spooney One’s show Counter Monkey where he tells his old D&D stories, and he was talking about dice and had his dice bag out. And even before he said it, I looked and went ‘wait that’s purple velvet….the Spoony One has the Crown Royale dice bag…”

I don’t know why I felt like telling this story, I blame it being 7:30am and watching odd videos and nostalgia for stories I was told once that I barely remember.

EDIT: Ok the bag may not be velvet but for some reason I remember my brother telling me it was.

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  1. puppytier said: They’re velvatine, my brother used a crown royale bag he stole from our dad I remember it was silly. One of my friends uses one of the big flashlights.
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