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ok but a slytherin student from some hoity-toity pureblood family becoming ridiculously infatuated with muggle culture

and they just approach some muggleborn gryffindor who’s immediately on guard and waiting for some kind of insult but then the pureblood pulls a fucking nokia flip phone out of their robes and says “ALRIGHT, HOW DO YOU GET THIS TO WORK. I’VE BEEN PRESSING ON THE BUTTONS FOR THE PAST HOUR AND IT HASN’T DONE ANYTHING”

(it needs to be charged)






my tumblr crush Cody made a post that got popular and I’m real proud of him

But I noticed this

The right is the original post

The left is the popular version that keeps showing up on my dash.

Tumblr, your anti-semitism and ableism is showing.

Fuck em

Ew I had no idea. I’d only seen the other one. Ughhhh.

Also, the post on the left changed “cis people” to “some people” which is also bad. So there’s that too.

Oh no, I never saw the original!! What is even the point of editing it :III

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